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dokoni SYNC & SHARE

Today’s business world undergoes ever-faster changes, with new technologies and global integration forcing enterprises to innovate continuously. Applying themselves and responding to these changes is critical for the success of any business. Companies will only ensure their ongoing competitive advantage if they find ways to react flexibly to new challenges and are ready to adopt new trends without hesitation.



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Sharing files with internal as well as external collaborators plays an important part in every-day work routines. dokoni SYNC & SHARE offers project teams the flexibility they are familiar with from consumer cloud solutions combined with the security that is crucial in business. Employees can easily create and manage their own working environment to drive projects faster and more efficiently than ever before – because, with dokoni SYNC & SHARE, they can work wherever they are, whenever they want, and with whatever device they choose.

dokoni SYNC & SHARE provides flexible access management and sharing of data and information with internal as well as external stakeholders and collaborators. Corporate files and documents are protected in line with the policies determined by the company. The application keeps previous document versions and reliably tracks who has done what on which document. The possibility to add comments to files and documents and automatically send notifications to collaborators enhances the efficiency of jointly working on documents.

With dokoni SYNC & SHARE, any business will enhance its efficiency, be able to respond to changes faster and improve its overall business speed. Users of dokoni SYNC & SHARE gain full flexibility with regard to time, location and device, which makes this application particularly interesting for companies operating from multiple locations.


  • File sharing: dokoni SYNC & SHARE lets you share files internally as well as externally. Project members can freely define the rights of specific users, enabling them to edit documents or delete files. Temporary or permanent download links to files and folders can be created and secured with passwords, giving for example external collaborators access to a project’s documentation.
  • Synchronisation: Files can be synchronised to all user devices. This keeps files and folders always up-to-date, independent of the device used. Synchronisation enables document creation and modification even when there is no internet connection available.
  • Mobile Access: With the dokoni mobile Apps for Android and iOS you can work with your preferred tablets and smartphones wherever you are and whenever you need. And even when there is no internet connection available, due to the synchronization your data remains in the device. So you don’t have to worry availability of WiFi or mobile internet.
  • File favourites: Regularly used files can be marked as favourites, speeding up access to them and the related folders. This feature can save considerable time avoiding repeated searches for the require Comments: Setting up proper documentation and keeping track of the status facilitates teamwork: With SYNC & SHARE, it is simple and straightforward to add comments to a file. Collaborators will automatically be informed and thus always know what the status is.
  • User management: Users and groups accessing dokoni SYNC & SHARE can be managed easily. In addition, dokoni SYNC & SHARE can be connected to existing directory systems like Active Directory or LDAP. Thus, no more time needs to be spent on including new users or blocking access to users leaving the project or company.*
  • Tags: The tagging feature helps find associated documents faster. Even if files are stored across multiple locations, all project documentation can be retrieved quickly and easily. All that’s required is to allocate a unique project name and tag all associated files accordingly.